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Colibri Fresh Shoes - Lavender
Colibri Fresh Shoes - Cedarwood
Colibri Fresh Shoes - Geranium
A pair of sachets to refresh your shoes. Use Colibri Fresh Shoes overnight, or when in storage during the off-season to keep them fresh and odor-free. 

The 100% natural botanical essences included in the shoe freshener makes it extremely effective and gives the shoes a pleasant fragrance. A useful extra to place in shoes when traveling to keep your case and hotel room fresh and odor-free. Colibri Fresh Shoes are also effective against mildew odors when shoes are stored in damp conditions. Effective for about 3 months.

Kindly Note: This product cannot be shipped to Canada.

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Country of Origin India
Manufacturer Maroma
Products Availability Ships in 3-4 business days in India. Ships outside India in 2 weeks.
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