Celebrating Auroville - Landmark Candle


A landmarker is something used to mark the boundary of land. In Auroville granite stones were used as markers to show where the land of Auroville would start and end. Since everything was barren in the beginning these stones were prominent visible guides on the red soil.

Today Maroma brings back the landmark stones as candles for the 50th anniversary of Auroville. One of the major challenges in Auroville today is to secure the integrity of its material foundation, the requested land for the envisioned universal township. Therefore Maroma will give 50% of the profits of the landmark candles to help to secure the land.

Each candle is unique, crafted by hand, made out of recycled wax with a final polish and the Auroville symbol engraving. Maroma is only crafting a limited amount of the landmark candles therefore they are an Auroville Collector’s Edition.

Ingredients: Cotton wick, Natural palm wax, and fragrance blended with natural essential oils.

Weight: 1 Kg

Shelf Life: 10 years from the date of manufacture.

Maroma believes that beauty is best shared through products that are simple, pure, and natural made with love for the environment and care for the people who manufacture them. 

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Country of Origin India
Manufacturer Maroma
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